Defence engagements 2nd India-Bangladesh Tri-services Staff Talks

New Delhi: The 2nd India-Bangladesh Tri-services Staff Talks (TSST) were held in New Delhi on August 10, 2022. The meeting was co-chaired from the Indian side by Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Staff, IDC(A), HQ Integrated Defence Staff (IDS) Brigadier Vivek Narang, and Director General Operation and Plan Directorate Armed Force Division from the Bangladesh side Brigadier General Husain Muhammad Rahaman.

Defence engagements 2nd India-Bangladesh Tri-services Staff Talks

The meeting was conducted in a friendly, warm, and cordial atmosphere. The discussions focused on the ongoing and new initiatives taken under the ambit of the existing bilateral defense cooperation mechanism of all three services and further strengthening the bilateral defense engagements.

The TSST is a forum established to boost defense cooperation between both nations through regular talks at the strategic and operational levels between HQ IDS and Bangladesh Armed Forces Division.

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